Teen Photography Workshop July 15-17 2019


Teen Photography Workshop July 15-17 2019


Our summer teen photography workshop is a comprehensive creative photography course that engages young photographers to fully understand their camera/iphone/smartphone technology and enable them to create great photographs through there individual vision.

This workshop is designed for beginner students who want to take their photography skills and vision to the next level.  Assignments will be given each day to strengthen students ability to take great images.

We will cover all of the following:

Learn how your camera/iphone/smartphone works, work with flash lighting, take field trips and learn post production.

Understand and master the buttons and dials on your camera/iphone/smartphone, a strong foundation of technical skills

Creative using photographic principals to strengthen images

Enhance your way of seeing through the camera to develop a photographic vision

Awareness of quality of light, both natural & flash on camera

Inspiring and nurturing young minds to follow their passion...is my passion! It's why I created this class and why I'm so grateful for the chance to help your child find what inspires them! 

Thank You!

There are only 13 seats available for this class

The week-long class is a total investment of $495

10am-4pm in our Newburyport Location

lunch snacks and beverages included 

31A Pleasant Street #5 Newburyport MA

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